Birthday Cake



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Let’s light
this candle.

80 Calories.
‹ 1g Sugar + 7g Protein.
Happy Birthday.

You deserve a little cake on your big day. No, not that big day. Your big day at the office. Your big day at the gym. Your big day at school. ONE MINIS™ Birthday Cake bars are a cavalcade of edible confetti, with, SURPRISE! 7 grams of protein – all packed into a portable little package. With 80 calories and only 1 gram of sugar, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. They’re always ready to get down, whether it’s in your locker, at your desk or in the car. So grab a ONE MINIS™ Birthday Cake bar and party like it’s your birthday. You’ve Found the ONE–the Mini ONE, that is.

  • Gluten Free
ONE Minis Birthday Cake Protein Bar |

Go ahead. Have a little doughnut.

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